It started with a Kodak Instamatic 135, moved thru Dad’s Argus Rangefinder 35mm and settled with Nikon FE2 at Buena High School Photo class. Mr. Jim Casteel was bearded artist with a great sense of humor. He recommended Nikon as they were the only ones still metal in the late 1970s. But if he ever caught me using the auto setting, he’d flunk me.

He had ample opportunity to help me fall deeper in love with photography. Basic, Advanced twice and Independent Study twice. I still don’t use the auto setting. One semester of Photography for my Journalism Minor at Northern Arizona University, I knew I would not be shooting for news. Now have a D100 and D2, dreaming of a full frame digital.

My favorite time to take photos is on a partly or mostly cloudy day when the clouds paint the light over the landscape.  Best served over the mountains of ‘home’ in the southwest. Though I’m learning it’s just as dramatic over my current home, the Great Plains.

My husband Gerald shoots mostly with his phone from the combine or tractor, or the top thereof. My photo trips have been less in number and combined with auction excursions and family get-to-gethers.

Our focus.

Sharing God’s beauty, our natural resources, and our journey to a sustainable life.


Our library of images goes back to the mid 1980s and started with Fujichrome. During my single years, I was blessed to travel our beautiful country and now have images from 49 states. My lab, Kaibab, and I logged many miles when I was based in Virginia, up and down the coast and into Canada.

Flora and Fauna

As a Professional Forester all of nature intrigues me. My camera was with me on my job and lunch breaks were my time among the trees, in the meadows, along the streams, & in the mountains.

Agriculture & Forestry

Many people that drive through the mid-west along the Interstates think the corn is boring. Not hardly. I wish I could get photos and record the sound of 800 pound cows jogging thru the corn in the dark – it sounds like ocean waves.

Custom Photos you want

A special location.
The family farm.
Same scene each season.